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We offer Peewees and Kids Kung Fu classes

Peewees ages 5-11
Kids ages 12-16
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We are the oldest established and longest running Kung Fu martial arts academy in the Castle Hill district

Ours is a purpose built academy dedicated to helping you and your child achieve fitness with a purpose.
Our staff of instructors have all once been student white sashes here and have excelled through the ranks to be invited to teach their own classes.

Come and learn Kung Fu, gain new found friendships, get fit, and achieve goals at the Kung Fu Academy!

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Popular Classes

Wushu and Sanda

Wushu means "War Art", a title given to modern Chinese martial arts.

Taijiquan and Qigong

Taijiquan, often generically referred to as 'Tai Chi' or 'Tai Qi, is an ancient art from China.

Women's self defense

Ladies! Come and join us for Women’s Self Defense Classes.

Adult Beginners Kung Fu

Be eased into your new training regime.

About Us

Our academy is one of the oldest and most respected Kung Fu Martial Arts training centres in Sydney. Our classes consist of a variety of traditional Gong Fu, as well as Wu Shu, Street Combat, Weaponry and much more. Our teachers are internationally recognised and respected and our students attend classes from all over Sydney, so whether you are in the Castle Hill area, or elsewhere in Sydney.

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